Kalma 2
DGN Kalma McLellan

Kalma McLellan joined the Rotary Club of Ryde in 2010.


She has served on the Board as PR Director, Club Service Director, Membership Director, Club President (2014-15) and is currently Treasurer 2017/18. She has also been the newsletter (The Hub) editor, is currently the Child Protection Officer and has been an active member of many project teams.

Kalma has served as District Community Service Chair since 2016/17 where independent portfolios and events serve to support clubs across the District. The growing focus in recent time has been toe collaboration with the Melbourne-base EndTrachoma2020 project as well as the hugely successful PCYC.

She also serves on the District Child Protection Committee to ensure D9685 has and delivers a clear message on its WWC obligations and legal requirements. Kalma has been a member of the Paul Harris Society since 2014.

Kalma has a heritage in Rotary, following in the footsteps of her father (Blacktown Club) and grandfather (Manly Club). She was a Mosman Rotaractor in the 1970s, where she met her husband and where most of her closest friends still remain. She served as President Elect in the year legendary Les Whitcroft was Rotary DG D268 and Mosman hosted the Rotaract District Conference. He was a welcome sight at her first visit to the Rotary Club of Ryde.

Professionally, Kalma works in the vocational education sector through Western Sydney University, overseeing leadership and management training to corporate clients. This follows a career which started in IT and moved into IT training before training in broader vocational leadership areas took over. She holds a Masters in Business and Technology in addition to VET qualifications.

Kalma is the chair of her strata committee, has served two terms on the Board of the local RSL Club and has been the treasurer of the local RSL Sub-branch through its eventual closing.

Kalma has two sons and is grandmother to one granddaughter and two grandsons. She enjoys sporadic golf, reading, good wine and entertaining company.